Always Best Care Senior Services of Central Connecticut provides non-medical in-home care
in Hartford, Tolland, and Middlesex Counties

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I wanted to give you, Taylor and Always Best Care staff as well as my client's and their families a huge thank you for giving me all of the time off I needed to better mine and my family's future by going to CNA classes and then the day off to take the test in order to obtain my CNA certificate and then a week or so later giving me the time off needed to complete all of the training with my new employer and then more time off to complete my shadows. Thank you all for being so understanding and helpful during this long process. It is greatly appreciated. I am glad to be part of such a company who works with their staff to better their futures

Thank you all so much!
Michelle Pickering
What the caregiver does is going beyond expectation. She has such a personality that makes my parents extremely comfortable with her. It’s a work ethic that goes beyond what she is asked of. She is always on time. The caregiver does give them direction to take certain medications. She is always going above and beyond what she is asked of. She has saved someone’s life because she is aware of the patient. The office always calls when they are supposed to call and everyone we dealt with is knowledgeable. They even put together a group to clean up my parent’s garden. And that goes beyond their job. They give us service plus more!
John P. Coventry, CT
I selected Always Best Care of Central Connecticut because my son wanted me to be able to be at home. The caregiver just does everything! She will do light housekeeping. I don’t require much care, but she gives me all the care that I need. The caregiver has great training because she has been at it for a very long time now. She shows compassion by being there for me when I am not feeling well. I would tell other people that Always Best Care of Central Connecticut is a good company. They deliver what they say they will deliver. You couldn’t get a better agency that Always Best Care.
Paul F. Manchester, CT
I appreciate the individuals they sent over were caring and attentive to my mother. They have done a very good job and are there when we need them. The caregiver’s primary focus is that my mother is comfortable and always taken care of. They have always arrived on time and always stayed late when needed. The office staff is very professional. The always come through or show up when they say they will. They coordinate everything. Always Best Care is very eager to solve any problems that come up. Always Best Care is very professional. They go above and beyond for their clients.
Thomas L. Rocky Hill, CT
Maria the home care person who comes over is very good. I appreciate that the people in the office keep in touch as well. They keep on top of things. The caregivers if very compassionate and patient. She reads the paper to my mom and talks to her for long periods of time. She cooks very well and can look the fridge and now how to put things together that would taste good. Always Best Care is exceptional. They’re very accommodating, helpful and they listen to what you have to say. I am glad that I’m doing business with Always Best Care.
Christiana B. East Hartford, CT
I appreciate that the caregivers are very dependable and are there when they say they will be there. The caregivers are very calm and are able to deal well with my mother. My mother has Alzheimer’s and she understands the outbursts that are just part of the disease. The caregivers are very patient with my mom. Yesterday they were able to get my mom to my home and we had a great time for Mother’s Day. Ivonne in the office has been wonderful and is always able to make a smooth transition if they have to get a new caregiver. I trust them to make small decisions because I know they will make the right choice. The caregivers write in the notebook so I can read what the caregivers have been doing and how my mother has been acting. My mother is getting everything that was promised and I like that the agency is able to change the care plan because my mother is having a harder time getting around. I would highly recommend this agency because they do such a great job. I have friends that have used other agencies and they were nowhere close as pleased with the care that they are getting as I am with Always Best Care.
Millie O. Vernon, CT
The caregivers would listen to the client when he needed to be listened to. They were gentle with him. The addressed anything he felt was a concern. Always Best Care is compassionate all the way from the owners to the staff, and it is very evident!
Mary C. Hebron, CT
When I would see my mom in the morning, she looked exactly the way she would look if I took care of her. One of the caregivers from Always Best Care of Central Connecticut noticed that Mom was unresponsive, so she played a key role in getting me there. They took care of her in a way that I would. My mom was only in their care for a month. It was seamless from what would have taken place at home and what took place at the memory unit.
Patty C. Rocky Hill, CT
The caregiver that takes care of my mother is very reliable. She will call me personally about the day or concerns about my mother. She keeps good notes for me. The caregiver goes above and beyond for my mother. She participated in my mother’s birthday party. She notices things that need to be done. I have had a couple of questions, Always Best Care have been great to answer them.
Linda D. Vernon, CT
I appreciate that they are dependable. The call at intervals to make sure that everything is going alright. They make a home visit to make sure my mom is alright. I like that they keep in contact with us. They are consistent at working with the elderly. They follow her routine. They write down notes, or they will call if there is any problem. The caregivers show compassion in some of the little things that they do. They will fix her hair or nails. They were very kind to my mother when my father passed away. They let my mother speak about how she was feeling. I am confident in the office staff because any time there has been any problem, I can call up and they will instantly correct whatever it is. Problems don’t happen very often. Once they thought my mother was a little confused and they called right away. The owners have been fabulous. If I ever want to speak to the owner about anything, or I have questions, the then the owners always call me back within minutes and take care of it. They are doing a great job!
Donna L. Goshen, CT
I would recommend this agency for home care because everyone in the agency does the best they can to provide the best care for my mother. They are very conscientious of what she needs. The agency did a good job of explaining everything they could provide for my mother. I don’t have to worry about my mom when I am not there because I know she is in good hands.
Ellen V. Amston, CT
I appreciate that someone is always there. We have twenty-four hour care, and someone is always there. I don’t worry that we aren’t going to have coverage.
Betsy H. Florence, MA